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What is it that turns a house into a home?  Yes, it's the colours we chose to put on our walls and the furnishings we buy. However, too many people stop there and don't look at the impact their window coverings have in completing the look they are trying to achieve.  Therefore they lose that wow factor!

When you use custom window coverings to do more than just cover your windows, it changes the whole feeling of your room.  It transforms four walls into a room that envelopes and comforts you and makes it your home.  If we all had the same tastes and styles it would be easy to just walk in a store and buy the same 'cookie cutter' blind.  But today's customers have become more discerning, with their own sense of style and design sensibilities. 


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At A Designer's Touch we understand that this is what our customers are looking for.  Our staff are committed to showing our customers, the variety of window coverings available today and their functionalities. This attention to detail ultimately enables you, to chose a window covering that is best suited to your needs.  Should you need custom drapery, bedding or upholstery to complete your look, our design expert will set up an @ home appointment at your convenience.

Through the years we've spent time comparing different manufacturers, so we can offer you window coverings that are not only stylish and affordable, but are also backed by the best warranties in the industry. All our window coverings are custom made and guaranteed to fit your windows, then expertly installed by our professional installers.  So whether you choose to browse in one of our two store locations to inspire your creative ideas; or decide to have one of the owners, Tony or Trish Zammit, come to your home for a Shop @ Home consultation, you can be assured to receive the utmost satisfaction and service.  Stop by or call today and start living in the 'home' you've always dreamed of living in!